Hermés sans Horses

So funny I was flipping through my weekly issue of the New Yorker and there was an advertisement for a Hermés workout pop-up. I tend to associate Hermés with anything equestrian related, but this pop up was so chic and went more down the yoga, green juice vein. Drum it up to Californiacation. 

Hermes_without_Horses 4

It felt like a Hermés High School (or at least what I imagine an American high school plopped down in a chic area of Southern France to feel like :) that focuses solely on beauty and aesthetics. Amen. 

Obelisk_Hermes_without_Horses 2

Well merchandised hats and scarves peeking out of the lockers were definitely the highlights for me.

Obelisk_Hermes_without_Horses 3

There was an artistic side to the pop-up as well. Using all of the anticipated seasonal shades updates of Hermés Lipstick to color within the lines.. But to me this exhibit was coloring outside of the lines for Hermés. I’m here for it. 

Obelisk_Hermes_without_Horses 5

Stay beautiful, @blondeagram

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