Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams

Christian Dior only lived to 52. When you really think about that it's pretty shocking that he accomplished so much in such a short span of his lifetime and without an iphone. WILD. Some of my favorite moments from the exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. 
Kate Moss coming out of the pool wet. This image was created to stand alone. 
pool wet
John Galiano’s dress for Nicole Kidman. I don't think ANYONE forgot her on the red carpet that night at the Academy Awards. I actually didn't know that it had a fir trim detail until I saw it in person. 
John Galiano’s dress
The Dior exhibit walls. Just wow in red. Love the hat with the feather energy. Seems like something I would have worn to a casual Christmas party in the 1950’s. Bring on the big hat energy. 
Red Christmas party Suit
I always will love any design that cinches at the waist. It always and forever feels feminine and deserves to be memorialized. 
cinches waist design
If Miss Dior Perfume didn't have a dress made in its honor then it just wouldn't be an iconic scent. This is a very daytime garden party dress, pass the scone and then spill the tea. 
garden party dress
 Being an artist myself I love to see where the sketching and inspiration comes from. It's the baseline of all creations, putting down on paper what is in your head. Everyone started with a dream, even Mr. Dior. 
putting down on paper
Stay beautiful, @a_bit_of_blonde

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